Christmas: thoughts on a holiday


    enjoy your holidays! This should be especially in the stressful run up to Christmas, a pious wish of many workers. Many of all those, not being already in the holiday, at least in thought.

    This is the result of an analysis of the Danish company Peakon, which specializes in digital employee surveys worldwide.

    For the current survey of 3000 German Employees between 18 and 64 years were in November of this year, according to their Motivation and productivity in the run up to Christmas, were interviewed.

    Older Employees longer

    From the 13th-motivated. December turn off 25 percent of them on the inside and instead of buying the side of it, rather gifts to work. Extrapolated, this corresponds to population of about 11 million people.

    you look at the results broken down by different age groups, younger workers treat yourself to mind more of a break than their older colleagues.

    The half of younger workers between 18 and 24 years of age, their desire for Work on the 18. To lose December. 50 percent of the older employees between 45 and 64 years of age, however, are at work up to 21. December motivated.

    How long other keep?

    good news, the survey has, however, also: German workers, go much later in the holiday mode as employees in other countries were also interviewed.

    Thus, half of the UK workforce is already at 16. December mentally in the Christmas vacation, 50 percent of Americans at 17. December. A good half of the surveyed German holds up to 20. The month of December.