Quickly all rules: Always this end-time mood!


    Christmas party with colleagues at the Italians, St. Nicholas party at the sports club, advent coffee with friends and couples, the Christmas market with the guys or gals: If the year is approaching in large steps to the end, thought it was the end of the world is near. Because the currency in all of these Meetings is that We need to see us this year again!

    As if on 31.12. at midnight, waiting for the Apocalypse to all and no one survives the turn of the year alive. How else could it be explained that almost everyone stuffs the calendar in the last few weeks before Christmas so that from the contemplative imaginary a completely ditzy time?

    the Especially as it is often also professionally five to twelve, because in many industries the financial statements of the seam. As to the question of why many people put themselves well in a post-apocalyptic mood. Some clever fellow passed over for this year-end stress now already two weeks before the Holy night in the holiday to escape the madness.

    just Why, must be the wine hot, and sweetened?

    a number of companies, in turn, to take the example of the FDP and make the Christmas party a three-king meeting. Because of long years of experience, each of us know in fact, that the new year is upon awakening on 1. January feels exactly the same as the old one (except, perhaps, a little misty, depending on the sparkling wine consumption on new year’s eve and scale of the fireworks). And when the mists have cleared swaths, you will find usually, that has all remained the same and colleagues, friends and family are still the same.

    How beautiful is it then to meet for a glass of good red wine with a man, thankfully not even on a completely overpriced and sugary mulled wine before Christmas has passed. A true Hero of everyday life! Therefore, let us in the Christmas happy, but less happy! That would be a really good (Re)Start into the next year. Because as Hermann Hesse already knew: Every beginning dwells a magic force.