The Hessian AfD Deputy Mariana Harder-Kühnel is the choice for Deputy Bundestag President again. She was christened on Thursday in the second round 241 of 659 votes. Necessary the majority of the 709 members of Parliament, so 355 was of Yes votes.

Harder-Kühnel not already received in a first ballot by the end of November, the necessary number of votes. A total of three ballots per candidate. This is more than a year after the election of the sixth Deputy President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) is still not selected.

a long time Ago was already the first AfD candidate, Albrecht Glaser, in three ballots. He had been criticized, especially because of Statements on Islam. He had arranged the Muslims in Germany, the basic law guaranteed right to freedom of religion, because, in his view, does Islam itself is not a freedom of religion.

Harder-Kühnel is considered to be moderately

The AfD’s Deputy, “that many colleagues are not votes in the third ballot with no”. In a message of your group, she added: “Otherwise, will be accused of the other groups, to behave in an undemocratic manner and to the failure of the largest opposition group, and their millions of voters their proper representation in the Bundestag Presidium.” For the third ballot, a date in January was discussed.