The Frankfurt Christmas circus on the festival square on Ratsweg is better from year to year. The main metropolis has already drawn equal with other big cities such as Stuttgart, where the visit of a circus performance, and during the holidays for many families is now part of the festival program. Many of Frankfurt’s follow this Trend. To the Premiere of the Great Christmas Circus on Friday evening, the tent of the circus family, will was busy-the Bush almost to the last seat. If you want to buy cards for the holidays, you should hurry.

Joe rubbed seeds

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

With three numbers on a world level, and numerous other entertaining performances, the company Carl Busch has a program that can. The fastest gallop in the two-hour performance, the Dschigiten tab of the Khadikov troupe from Kazakhstan. You will feel of Western movies in which the Indians circling on their horses, the wagons of white settlers.

Daring numbers

Rarely have you seen such a daring rider number. The Khadikov artists can compete with the famous art riders from the riding school of the Kremlin or the Richter troupe from Hungary. While their horses gallop at breakneck speed around the ring, swinging those magnificent horse-tamer under the belly of your animals on the other side, lie across their back or run short on the side and throw then back in the saddle. The three Kazakhs, and a young Czech woman deliver a rousing Show, which would be a credit to any Hollywood Stuntman.

the ballet on the shoulders is a Chinese speciality, with the help of several artists from the realm of the artistic center of the circus festival in Monte Carlo have inspired. The Duo Changzhi would win, you take their number in the Christmas circus as a benchmark, with its Hebeartistik safe there is also a Clown, so a Festival prize. At the peak of the performance, the delicate Ballerina Zhang Jiaxiang is on a leg lace on the shoulder or the head of your partner Guo Zhimin.

The third number of a world level has been passed in the Czech family jam Berti from Generation to Generation. The first acrobatics is the art of Dimitri jam Berti and his niece Nancy called. She studied classical ballet in Prague, is now but her aunt, mother and grandmother to the four-Meter-high rod followed, balancing her uncle on the head. There, above Nancy’s in the Handstand, below Dimitri balances on a Trick even on a unicycle.

a treat for horse lovers

the circus Carl Busch was able to take this coveted Duo, who won last year at the Festival in Monte Carlo, Silver Clown, under the contract, is not self-evident. Nancy jam Berti occurs even with a second number, with a pigtail slope. To your hair, they can be high in the arena sky and spinning like a top, or shines with beautiful artistic art pieces.

A treat for horse lovers is, as always, the dressage of Friesian and Andalusiern and the High school, traditionally presented by the Junior boss, Natascha Wille-Busch. Surprisingly, the preferred this year, the animal rights activists that demonstrate otherwise, always before a Premiere, the warm heating of your apartment in the winter cold in front of the well-heated tent, although they, in their fanaticism, horses in the circus is prohibited want to see.