Ships and mountain Railways – public TRANSPORT is 6. June largely returned to normal operation according to the SBB and the public TRANSPORT to all, the commute to work or trips is, “largely in the usual clock available”.oli/sda0 comment may 6. June: The felsenegg railway ZH in Adliswil.Photo: Pino Ala/Keystone

The public transport from the 6. June the normal operation, to a large extent on. This affects mainly the lines of tourist traffic, such as panoramic trains, mountain Railways and ships which do not operate currently.

further, services such as the rail catering, Group reservations and the Luggage transportation are Affected, as SBB said on Thursday. Individual schedule reductions remained even when additional courses during the main traffic hours and night connections.

“public TRANSPORT is the people who commute now to work, or first trips, wrote largely in the familiar intervals,” the SBB. Detailed information about the offer on each of the lines of public and tourist transport consequences of the respective operators. Current travel information can be found in the Online timetable.

Due to the previous planning, the loosening step on 8. June was not, according to the SBB, all transport enterprises, further opening-up of the steps already on the 6. June to implement. They followed with the adjustments to the 8. June.

Urgent mask recommendation

The public TRANSPORT operators recommend customers urgently, to carry in public transport, protection masks, when the distance of two meters can not be met. Travelers are also asked to buy tickets, if possible, online, in Apps or on the vending machines and to pay at counters contactless.

The concept of protection of the PUBLIC uses in accordance with the SBB on self-responsibility and solidarity of the traveler. This keep to the measures described above, be in the Swiss public TRANSPORT safe on the road. The transport companies had intensified cleaning and disinfection and the rules of conduct informed. The protection of the employees is of Central importance for the companies in the public transport also.

Also, BLS is largely in the control operation

Also, the BLS returns from the 6. June largely on the control operation, as announced on Thursday. The last night of connections on Friday and Saturday night of the interregio services between Bern and Biel depart from the 12. June according to the timetable.

On the route between Brig and Domodossola, the Regio Express to and with 13 runs. June only with the minimum offer for commuters in the Morning and evening. From the 14. June a special timetable due to the construction of the SBB Simplon tunnel is.

in The car-train Kandersteg-Goppenstein is from the 5. June to 25. October is a special schedule due to construction work on the Lötschberg apex tunnel. Week days run per hour in each direction, two car trains, between Friday noon and Sunday evening, each of three trains.

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