German North sea fishermen have to do in the coming year, with significantly lower catches. For herring, the allowed amount reduced by 40 percent to around 39.400 tons, it said after the Meeting of EU fisheries Ministers on Wednesday in Brussels tomorrow. The cod is a decrease of 35 per cent after the two days of negotiations. In Pollock there are, however, a slight Plus. Environmentalists were dissatisfied.

The EU member States define every year the so-called total allowable catches for the North sea and the northeast Atlantic. On this basis, the respective national catches is attributable to the individual countries on the basis of established distribution key. The EU Commission proposes quotas on the basis of scientific recommendations. After that, it is true, the interests of the fishing industry against nature conservation interests to be balanced. The quotas are valid for a year.

The upper limits apply for each individual fish stocks– that is, for a species of fish in a particular stretch of sea. If the allowed quota is exhausted, you must set the country in the catching of fish in there temporarily.