Before this week, Twitter consumer Kim Belair tweeted pictures of some of the descriptions out of Aunt Dai’s menu, and that can be written by the restaurant owner.

“Aunt Dai is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, but the actual treat is the menu, featuring extremely honest commentary from the proprietor,” Belair composed alongside the images.

The dishes Belair contained in her tweet would be the Orange Beef, which is apparently”not THAT great” compared to this restaurant General Tao Chicken along with the Sweet and Spicy pork strips, where the proprietor is”not a massive fan” because it’s different than the version he ate when he went to college in China.

The tweet also showed the descriptions for its Satay sauce beef, which the owner”did NOT have a chance to try” when he published the description along with the Cumin Beef, which the owner said is”very tasty.”

Since Belair published the tweet on Sunday, it’s been retweeted more than 9,400 times and liked over 66,500 occasions as of book on Friday.

Feigang Fei, the restaurant’s proprietor told Today that the focus online has caused more customers to Aunt Dai, beginning Monday and Tuesday. After a radio interview Wednesday, the restaurant”acquired a lot more” orders.

“It is very, very great for our organization,” Fei informed Today.

Fei said that he began writing the descriptions because customers were unfamiliar with some of the traditional things on the menu and would order things that they ended up not really wanting.

“A lot of people found it rather funny [and] very helpful. I was so encouraged . I didn’t think I needed to write comments for each product, but I had been invited by them, their opinions, and their opinions, so that I finished all of them.”

Finally, Fei said the restaurant would like to be”very honest, really true to ourselves and our clients.”

“We do not need them to develop high expectations and then feel frustrated,” Fei said. “We aren’t necessarily the ideal food restaurant, but we try to do our best every day and to satisfy our customers and not oversell anything.”