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The popular American series The Office will be revived for the first time in its history with a predominantly female cast, announced the platform Prime Video Australia.

With Australian actors and actresses, the new version of the comedy created by Ricky Gervais in England will star actress Felicity Ward, known for having done stand-up and starred among others in Spicks and Specks, as well as in The Ronnie Johns Half Hour on ABC.

In the new version of The Office, the public will follow Hannah Howard, who takes the chair of director at Finley Craddick, a packaging company, where she will have to try to convince her team to stay despite an imminent closure announced by senior management.

The series will be produced and broadcast on Prime Video. It will be accessible to the public from 2024.

Deputy Director of Development at Prime Video Australia, Sarah Christie, spoke of a true honor to be able to continue the legacy of the popular series internationally. “We are thrilled to be able to bring one of the biggest cult comedies to Prime Video customers in Australia and around the world,” she said, according to Hollywood news outlet Deadline.

Of the thirteen international adaptations that have been made of the hit series, this is the first to feature multiple female lead characters. A series had also been produced in Quebec on Bell ExpressVu from 2006 to 2007, created by Anne-Marie Losique and with Antoine V├ęzina in the title role.

In Canada, Crave is currently rerunning the American version of the series.