At the time of retirement, the French lose part of their wages, now transformed into a retirement pension. When the salary is low, it is not uncommon to find yourself with a pension that makes daily life difficult and the end of the month trying. While the pension reform will redraw the contours of your professional career, will the arrival of the minimum pension change the situation? So, what retirement pension to expect for a net salary of 1500 euros?

With 1500 euros net, an employee earns a little more than the minimum wage, but remains in an area of ​​obvious discomfort when the time comes for retirement. It therefore becomes complicated to take advantage of this free time if income is struggling to stabilize and meet household needs. To better anticipate your loss of income at the time of retirement, do not hesitate to use a simulator. It will allow you to calculate your retirement age and estimate the amount of your pension. Do not forget to collect the documents necessary for this calculation, such as your EIG (Global Indicative Estimate) and your career statement.

To calculate his retirement, the mathematical formula is this: average salary x liquidation rate x (contribution period / reference period). If the employee receives 1500 euros net, the amount of his gross monthly salary is 1923 euros. For example, as evaluated by Retirement in Clear, if the future retiree was born on January 1, 1965 and started working at the age of 18, he will receive, based on his salary of 1500 euros net currently, a retirement pension of 1110 euros per month.