Curious and creative children, the author and illustrator Jean-Baptiste Drouot invites you to join the very select club of “those who know what is really inside things”. What’s Hiding in an Italian Volcano? Magma? In the world of Drouot, there is more of a dish of spaghetti. The secret of the clouds? They are filled with whipped cream. And what do you find inside a pig? A family of wolves, let’s see. A very funny album that will feed the imagination of children.

Benjamin and his parents have just moved into a small inn that they will be renovating all summer. “The inn is pretty, yes, but there’s something between these walls that makes me shiver…”, observes the boy as he visits the premises for the first time. A bedroom, the only one not numbered, intrigues her. And for good reason ! In the village, a host of rumors are circulating about this room that has been unused for years. Youngsters aged 7 and up who like to be scared will be delighted by this novel whose twists and turns might even send chills to older readers.

Don’t be fooled by its title. The Wandering Ghost is not a horror novel, but rather an adventure book “nourished with historical truths and magical realism”. The reader is transported to the Côte-Nord, near the Sault aux Cochons River. Through eight stories, we go back in time, from 1533 to 1974, following the same family line. From the first Aboriginal camps to the official founding of Forestville, through the golden age of the log drive, the journey is captivating and very rewarding.

“I don’t like your dress,” a boy says to a girl. That’s one way to approach people! Stung to the quick, the young girl retorts that she does not like her assailant’s shoes. What could have been a succession of insults then becomes a comic and astonishing verbal jousting. The two adversaries with fertile imagination use delicious arguments to demonstrate their superiority. If one has adopted an Olympian dog, the other has a platypus that won the “Nobel Prize for everything”. What if this rivalry was instead hiding the birth of a beautiful friendship?

From ageism and xenophobia, to fascism, feminicide and terrorism, this book tackles 34 ills that plague the modern world. Using statistics and historical facts, the author offers short descriptions of the various concepts that will allow young people to become familiar with them. A documentary with a claiming tone that encourages reflection and debate.