Success in the network – The latest Streaminghit a Film about StühleAuf the Website of a furniture manufacturer is the Swiss documentary film “Chair Times” 234’000 times streamed. Pascal Blum0 comment a draft or a finished product? The Vegetal Chair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Photo: PD

During the Corona-Lockdown the world had to sit still. And as she sat, she asked at some point: What am I sitting on?

The interest in interior Design and furnishings has increased in the last few months, the access numbers on the “Chair Times” by Heinz Bütler show. The 90-minute documentary about the history of the chair since the beginning of may on the Website of the furniture manufacturer, Vitra, free stream. There are approximately 234’000 people saw it so far.

The Figures were “gigantic,” if you do not consider, that the theme Design talk to anyone, says producer Laurin Merz. As there had been last year a couple of special screenings of the “Chair Times” in the cinema, to be located the number of spectators, about 1000. The Stream push at Vitra on such a large interest, have to do all the Social Media Posts of specialist sites like Designboom or arch daily.

“this Is not a beautiful object?”

Vitra boss Rolf Fehlbaum

The concept of the “Chair Times” is impressively simple. 125 chairs are in the Collection of Vitra side by side, sorted according to their creation time, and will be commented by the designer Hella Jongerius or by the architect David Chipperfield. Through the Film, the former Vitra boss Rolf Fehlbaum, the stroking almost reverently, with white gloves on chairs from different eras and phrases as leads: “Is it not a glorious object?”

Because of the “overwhelming interest” to “Chair Times” Vitra switches, in the meantime, further short films to Design iconic chairs.

With around a quarter of a million Views, the Numbers of the “Chair Times” are roughly comparable with the documentary-slot on SRF. In the average 90-minute Docs reached on Thursday evening last year, 278’000 spectators. How many people looked “Chair Times” in fact, to the end, is not known.

Worth doing it yourself. There is a very contagious enthusiasm of specialists in this Film, you rave about the Design of the Prouvé dining room chair or the Eames Plywood Chair from Charles and Ray Eames. In the bentwood chair by Thonet, the history of the coffee house, and the civil society in the 19’s. Century; in the abstract Rietveld chair, at the beginning of the 20th century. Century, shows the Modern as the open Form.

No question, this is the DCW from the Plywood group by Charles and Ray Eames. Photo: PD

And as, of the Moser-chair! “Chair Times” shows the chair as a personality and Manifesto of stylistic periods, he brings the history of architecture on the compact Size and the development of society reflects as a seat. And who is not appointed to the “Chair Times” just a design classic, the touch, at least, the Plan, the phrase “in Transition to the to cantilever” as soon as possible in everyday conversation use.

Chair Times on the Vitra Site.

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