Football spectators? Chef plan games evoke delicate covetousness nThe designs of the Corona officer to play Football in front of an audience are probably thinking – but they come at a critical time.Opinion Moritz Marthaler0 comment if allowed to, why can’t I? Daniel cook’s thoughts are likely to attract many questions.Photo: Anthony Anex (Keystone)

soccer with viewers? Very soon, maybe in July? The opinions expressed by Daniel Koch were the Bang to the start of the week. Not from anyone, but from him, the official Corona-delegate of the Swiss Federal office for health. And not sometime, but just in the fateful week of Swiss football, in which only the Federal Council is definitely about competitive professional sports to decide, and the Swiss Football League is the continuation of the League’s operation, shall advise.

chef’s Considerations expressed in the “sports panorama” and on the day after, at a press conference – an interesting game-plan. And they sound well thought out, because you have a single premise: You have to know who sits where in the stadium. Only in this way can a disease the chain of infection follow. But the Statements come at a critical time, because they awaken desires.

just a few days ago people were ridiculed, the languages of Play with viewers.

just a few days ago people were ridiculed, the languages of football games with spectators. That now, of all things, cook it, raises a number of questions. Who controls, who sits where? How to organize the intake? How much one leaves the ownership? And: How a Club such as YB, who is allowed to come from his more than 19’000 Season ticket holders to the game to decide?

are All your right

these are just the questions that the game brings. The whole sports – and event industry will ask themselves, If allowed to, why can’t I? The ice hockey, the transducer, the fairs, many Open-Airs, to the city – and turn-resistant – all will demand their right. The world Ski Championships 2021 in Cortina d’ampezzo could be transferred to the following year. If, however, in the late summer of football games should with 10’000 Fans will be possible, would such decisions obsolete – and ended in a technical fiasco.

these are All questions that don’t have to be Daniel cook. But with his Statements he has you for a lot of Fans, Clubs and the exponent again shifted to the centre.

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