New CO₂-act – climate-youth wants no unholy Alliance with the SVPFür the activists is a Referendum against the CO₂-law is no longer an Option. Left-green MP to breathe on. You want to bring the template into the Dry. Stefan Häne34 Kommentare34Keine support for the SVP: A climate activist, dressed as SVP-chief Albert Rösti.Photo: Anthony Anex (Keystone)

“Tactically smart.” Qualified Green-President Regula Rytz exclude the recent decision of the climate-strike movement, a Referendum against the new CO₂-law. “We keep it from a strategic point of view, not sensible to now threaten with a Referendum,” said spokesman Jonas Kampus. Until recently, this step was an Option, because at least parts of the climate activists were apparently of the opinion to rather have no new climate law as a diluted. The national Council dealt with the submission in the upcoming summer session.

Would set these circuits in-house, so it would come to an unholy Alliance with the SVP, the Referendum against the CO₂-law seems to be as good as safe a scenario, the left-green forces in Parliament a tummy ache. SP-group chief Roger Nordmann shows also relieved: “The climate of youth is absolutely right not to make a Referendum. Otherwise you would just for the SVP the chestnuts out of the fire get.”

“climate youth would get just for the SVP the chestnuts out of the fire.”

Roger Nordmann, group chief SP

With the law, the Parliament wants to make climate policy up to 2030. The goal is to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990. To this end, various tightenings are planned, such as an increase in the carbon levy on fuels, but also new instruments, such as the airline ticket levy or a de facto oil heater ban, no later than 2026. SP-politician Nordmann speaks of a “good compromise”, which bring in climate policy, great progress.

The climate of the strike movement, however, in spite of their rejection of a possible Referendum on their content-based criticism: “The CO₂-law is not enough, up to 1.5-degree target”, says the spokesman of the campus. Up to the final vote it needs to be “clearly ambitious”. Unlike the Federal Council, wants to make Switzerland carbon neutral by 2050, calls for the air strike movement, the net-zero goal by 2030.

flight bans, car free cities

What it needs from your point of view, has presented the climate strike movement on Monday in their “crisis action plan”. 17 measures to combat the economic consequences of the Corona-crisis and the climate crisis together. One of the core demands is to establish state Support in the Corona-crisis in climate policy, non-slip pads – what the Parliament has rejected the bailout package for the airline industry already.

The action plan also contains a number of controversial transport policy demands, such as immediate prohibition of short-haul flights within Europe, car-free inner cities and highway lanes only for public transport. Also the Federal air traffic is to set an absolute upper limit for Emissions per year and to make emission rights to distribute – with the aim, also this sector by 2030 in a climate-neutral.

to make the tag in a socially responsible manner, suggests the climate of the strike movement retraining flight personnel, and it calls for training programmes for planners in the use of renewable energies. “For months, we were accused of on the part of the policy that we can demonstrate no concrete solutions,” said Lena Buhler of the climate strike movement. “Now we expect the Parliament that these measures will be discussed in the summer sessions, and implemented.”

for Green-President Rytz, it is clear that “very quickly further steps need to follow”. The CO₂-law, Rytz a step of, however, is better than total Blockade, the threat of a Referendum. “We are glad that he sees the climate movement.” Similar to GLP-President Jürg talks Big: “Unfortunately, politically, no major steps at once, in Switzerland, real possible.” It is important to accept. Persistence is therefore more in demand than ever.

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