The company is a German success story that is playing in the UK is: “Herman ze German” is said to have built the small chain of fast-food restaurants, Azadeh Falakshahi and Florian Frey. Both of Baden, serving hungry Londoners sausages made in Germany. Four branches are now in the British capital. In January, they will open another Restaurant in Birmingham. German curry sausage with French fries in English.

Marcus Theurer

economic correspondent based in London.

F. A. Z.

If it were not for the EU-exit would be the British: For the chef on the river Thames, the Brexit is literally around the sausage. A ton of fresh meat products from supplier from the black forest “Herman ze German” every week. The entrepreneurs import the supplies on your own.

But how to do it with the Bratwurst Express to the EU exit more the British? In the worst case, could lead to the delay in the spring, the re-introduction of border controls and customs duties in the English channel, the deliveries dramatically and increase the price. The German restaurant operators are concerned. “However, we have still the hope that the Brexit may not come at all,” says Frey.