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Black hole | Good news from the stars

"As I am finishing this book, I learn that a black hole has been spotted in a distant galaxy which, instead of swallowing up...

Review of Unbearable Long Embraces | Eat, Pray, Fuck

Unbearable long embraces is the fourth play by Russian Ivan Viripaev presented at Prospero, but the first staged by Philippe Cyr as artistic director...

Carolina Hurricanes | Looking for the “next level”

Normally, a team already guaranteed to make the playoffs, which is first in its division and which is perceived as a serious contender for...

« L’urbanization plays a r&taxes;in the’increased risk liés flooding »

After the weather-loopholes of the Aude, who have made at least eleven died in the night from Sunday 14 to Monday 15 October, voices...
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