now, Anderlecht is not going to appeal against the decision of the licensing committee for the club, with a maximum fine of 5,000 euros to be imposed for the dual role of player-coach by Vincent Kompany, while they do not have the required trainer does. That leaves the club is understood to be on the website, it says it is purple and white with the penalty, however unjust, to find you. “The decision is based on the perception and interpretation of the world, and it is not based on contractual, de facto infringements of the rules of procedure”, what it sounds like.

at Anderlecht was there last week, quite by the licensing committee of the football association. After that, it announced in may was that it was Vincent Kompany binnenhaalde as a player-coach, although they do not have the appropriate certification has presented to the commission for them to have a maximum fine of 5,000 euros. “Anderlecht was a requirement to have a qualified coach to have a long-term, with the feet of it, and went there, not publicly, to deal with a UEFA PRO licensed head coach,” was the stern.

According to Anderlecht and it is that sanction is unjust. Contract is, after all, nothing wrong is done – nowhere is it in black and white, is that Kompany is the instructor. “The decision is based on the perception and interpretation of the world,” he writes in purple-and-white in this website.

the Club will not appeal

Therein gets Anderlecht in the past, often leading to a number of conditions in the Belgian football. The purple-and-white, has argued that it is a huge effort has been done to create a world-famous soccer player Vincent Kompany back to Belgium to pick it up. “And then followed that up with a number of other international companies, both in the RSCA to other clubs as well. This development delivers to our Pro League is become an even better company.”

“At a time when Belgian football is in need of thorough investigation and action in a number of solid records that will be the future of football is in danger, it is to be regretted, that the return of an iconic football with a look at this way, it must be dealt with”, does the Belgian recordkampioen yet. However, the Belgian recordkampioen will not be in the profession. “It’s football, and the future of the club and should be a priority focus of attention.”

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