Christmas weather: the departments where it will be the mildest


Decidedly, this month of December does as it pleases… Indeed, we oscillate between the extremes: the first half of the month saw the thermometer fall well below the averages of the season, which led to believe in an end record year in terms of cold, as reported by La Chaîne Météo. However, against all odds, this second half of the month happens to be particularly sweet!

In the end, and given the data to which the experts have access at the moment, it could well be that the results for this month of December in terms of temperatures are in slight excess of 0.15°C compared to the averages. The cause of this thaw that has been felt since December 19? A lasting regime from south to southwest that brings us an air of subtropical origin.

The more the days pass, the greater the certainty: 2022 will very probably be the hottest year in France since the beginning of reliable weather records in the year 1900. Indeed, the average temperature over the year rises at almost 14.4°C! The normal being determined at 13.9°C, we are therefore witnessing a surplus of 1.5°C, which is enormous.

As for the rest of the winter, forecasts remain vague, as they look farther afield, but meteorologists seem to agree that the cold spells are over. In the meantime, we will have to draw a cross on a snowy Christmas. On the contrary: it will be very hot on this Sunday, December 25. You could unwrap your gifts in the garden!

Find below the 20 departments that will experience a more than mild Christmas, according to Météo France.