eat Breakfast, work out, and play a game of FIFA, with players of KAA Gent. For a lot of Buffalo, said sounds like one of those days when the music in your ears. But if the price want to get, you must first register on the gokwebsite Napoleon Games and place a bet. Turning to gambling find the critics. The gaming commission opens an inquiry into “apparent violations” of its rules and regulations.

“do you Want to be happy again one day and experience it as a real player?”, the question is, in the campaign of KAA Gent and the sponsor Napoleon Games. Supporters who want a chance to make it, you must first sign up for the gokwebsite, and at least 1 euro on a game of gambling. The winner will be randomly selected.

as It is CALLED, of the Flemish centre of Expertise for gokverslavingen, is that the campaign is shocking. “Each and every football fanatic will get to see that. This leads to gambling,” says the director Marijs Geirnaert, who is only one solution: a total ban on the gokreclame. “It’s not just for 1 euro. Napoleon Games will be the information used to enable the participants to constantly be pushing to play.”


as a centre of excellence with the support of the Flemish Mp Annick Lambrecht (SP.(A) that has been calling for a total ban on the gokreclame. It is, moreover, that this message is implicitly sent to the children. “There will be grown-ups who like to play a game of FIFA, and play with their favorite players, but each and every 12-year-old fan, is that in any case the top. You can say to them, < / I>, You may be your idol, but first, you have to place a bet. .”

KAA Gent highlights that advertising is only sent to 18-year olds. Also, Napoleon Games, it denies that the situation in the sights to come. “Children are not allowed to register. Let’s say that they have one euro to spend,” says CEO, Tom De Clercq, who will have no hesitation to see it in the campaign. “As a provider of such a deployment, for example, to Purchase a subscription for the chance to win a day, from AA Gent , then there is no problem. But, now, does it? I don’t get it. We have been granted. Gambling is permitted in Belgium.”


According to minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V). to see the games of chance known as “clear violations” of the rules. Thus, missing in both, the message of ‘Gamble responsibly!’ was the only indication of its age. Also like Napoleon, the Games, the winners will publish on your own web site, however, the identity of the players to distribute it is not.

The Commission did not have the impression that the campaign is aimed to children target. It is also allowed to use a ‘level’ of participation in games of chance to be saved. That can be up to a maximum amount of 275 euros, but a method is missing, if it is not cash that is given, as is the case here. It Is a day of KAA Gent be worth more or less than the 275 euros? Who can say that.

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