This is very sad news that fans of singer Patrick Juvet learned on April 1, 2021. The cult artist of the 1970s died tragically at the age of 70. The interpreter of the tube Where are the women was found dead in an apartment in Barcelona, ​​​​Spain. For the moment, the causes of his death have not been revealed. “There will be an autopsy, I had it on the phone three days ago, I found it well,” said his agent.

During his lifetime, this disco star loved several women in his life. Starting with his mother, Janine Juvet. In an interview granted to France Sunday in 2009, Patrick Juvet had declared that she did not hesitate to accompany him during his tour, Tender age and wooden heads. “Mom often comes to my house. She cooks up small dishes for me, we walk around and, above all, we chat (…) Otherwise, we call each other on the phone every day. We even send several text messages during the day. (…) Even if we have staggered schedules, we are both extremely connected”, he explained. Unfortunately, the latter died at the age of 90 in 2018.

The one who lived a one-sided love for Jean-Michel Jarre, maintained a relationship with the American actress Melanie Griffith. Moreover, as he revealed in 2019 on the Sunday Terrans set in 2019, the latter almost ended her life for love of him. The actress who wanted to marry him had a hard time accepting his refusal. “Her mother Tippi Hedren who had done Hitchcock’s The Birds called me and said: ‘My daughter, you didn’t want to go out with her, she threw herself under a car’. And then I said, ‘No, I will not marry,'” he explained.

Patrick Juvet married only once with the novelist Florence Aboulker.

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Like many celebrities before him, Patrick Juvet burned the candle at both ends. For nearly 10 years, the French artist was an alcoholic. A difficult period for the singer who, however, managed to overcome his addiction.

“When you start shaking as soon as you wake up, needing a beer or any alcoholic drink to pass, reveals the singer, you have the choice between continuing and sinking or getting treatment and living. I was thirty-two years old and I had no suicidal desire”, he confided to our colleagues from Gala. A journey that was strewn with pitfalls as he recounted later. “There was a long journey to make. With necessarily more violent relapses than the others. I heard people say behind my back ‘It’s sad’. In everyone’s eyes, I was screwed.” .

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While the French artist was found dead in an apartment in Barcelao, Patrick Juvet almost came close to death a few years ago. Indeed, as revealed by our colleagues from France Sunday, the one who made millions of people dance on his disco hits narrowly escaped the drama while he was on the stage of the Olympia in Paris.

The singer of the 1970s “almost died when he fell backwards on his piano decorated with neon lights which shattered around him in a shower of sparks!”, They revealed.