Carla Bruni sublime at 55: her sexiest outfits on the red carpet


A leading face of fashion, Carla Bruni knows how to evolve over time. From her arrival in 1975 in Paris with her family from Italy, she completed her schooling in the capital before deciding to study architecture. But her destiny changed at the age of 19 when she abandoned her vocation to pursue a career in modeling.

In 1987, the young Carla Bruni signed for the Parisian agency City Models and thus launched her modeling career. Without forcing, the sublime brunette seduces with her incredible silhouette and her azure blue gaze. From the 1990s, the Italian appeared on magazine covers and paraded around the world for prestigious brands during Fashion Week. From Chanel to Dior, via Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld or Versace, she is one of the famous influential super models of the decade.

At the height of her popularity, Carla Bruni nevertheless withdrew from the podiums to devote herself to her passion for music. At the beginning of the 2000s, the singer-songwriter published her first opuses, in particular the hit Someone told me which met with great success. Her voice has made several personalities succumb, but it is with the former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy that she has been married since 2008. Three years later, she gave birth to their daughter Giulia in October 2011. A little sister for her first son Aurélien, born of his relationship with the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven in 2002.

Popular with the public, the former First Lady continues to be talked about in the media. Like in 2021, when Carla Bruni-Sarkozy caused a sensation by parading for Balmain with the icons Naomi Campbell or Claudia Schiffer. “I was destabilized. In fact, I consider that it is no longer my age”, confided the sister of Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi for Madame Figaro last July. “I am the youngest in my family, and there, it is very strange to think that I am of the age to be able to be the mother of all the other models”.

However, the 50-year-old continues to inspire her fans with her beauty. If the rumors suggested that she would have given in to botox, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy does not hesitate to answer without any filter. “Botox is not good at my age. At 30, yes, but at my age, the problem is not wrinkles, but keeping everything in place,” she said in the Spanish version of Vanity Fair. . “You can put Botox everywhere: what falls will fall!”.

So what’s the singer’s beauty secret as she turns 55? Interviewed last November in ELLE magazine, Carla Bruni confided in doing “two hours of sport a day”, while consuming very little alcohol, according to comments relayed by Current Woman. Today, the artist and mother of a family remains as hot as ever and does not hesitate to appear in tight and light outfits on the red carpet. Focus on her wardrobe in pictures.