It was in the mid-1960s that Sophie Darel took her first steps on television by participating in the program A l’école des étoiles. With her sublime voice, she records several songs and accompanies many artists on stage such as Jacques Brel. In the early 1970s, she met host Guy Lux. Seduced by her personality, he offers her to become co-host of the program Les Étoiles de la chanson. Building on this success, she quickly became an emblematic figure of the French landscape. We find her as a host in many shows including Cadet Rousselle or System 2.

Removed from television sets for several years, she now officiates as an actress on the boards. In 2019, she performed in the play La Bonne Anna and in Les 3 glorious in 2020.

Invited on November 21, 2019 in the show Morandini Live, Sophie Darel confided in her long fight against the disease. Indeed, the ex-host was affected by three cancers. “I am lucky to be a fighter. And I have spoken with many doctors who have all confirmed to me that when you are a fighter, you are better off than if you are depressed. Afterwards, when he it is too advanced a disease, there is no miracle. But I am lucky to be a fighter and to be positive”, she said and added: “I have had three cancers. I was devastated each time. Even if I always try to be happy, etc., you still have to digest it. But I’ve always had the chance to be very well surrounded, especially by my man , Jack, that’s super important, because I received a lot of letters, from people affected by the disease, who told me that the husband had left because he didn’t want to see her without hair, that’s is awful”.

Interviewed by the magazine Ici Paris, the former TV host revealed that she had been touched by a radio host during her childhood. “When I was little, I met someone very important, very powerful, whose name I will never give. He worked in the world of TV and radio, especially radio. Someone ‘one of quite remarkable, very brilliant, and who unfortunately liked little girls”, she had told and to add: “On the other hand, he never really ‘raped’ me, there were touching, he wanted to corner me, but I was really very small, I was around ten years old. So it still marked me”.

Paradoxically, Sophie Darel did not hesitate to attack the “MeToo” movement on the question of attacks: “I do not understand all these women who wait thirty years to suddenly accuse and denounce their rapist. At the risk of shocking, I I’m a bit fed up with the Balance your pork movement, MeToo and company (…) There are also those who cry rape for an inappropriate word. If I had to file a complaint every time a man said: ‘You have a nice ass!’ Good if I have a nice ass, that’s kinda nice,” she explained.

Invited on the Jordan de Luxe set in L’instant de Luxe in November 2019, the former TV host confided in her relationship to cosmetic surgery. The French star notably claimed to have done “little things”.

“It’s not the fact of wanting to stay young, it’s more so as not to look bad (…) You must not fall into excess, have your skin pulled in all directions. You have to do little things,” she said. Regarding his possible operations, the star did not express himself more explicitly on the subject.

The former television presenter, Sophie Darel, was the guest on the show TPMP people, April 22, 2023. On the set, she spoke of the behavior of the singer Claude François that he would have had towards her. The latter would have “thrown her on the bed” when she was 25 years old.

“I went to visit his room with his secretary. And from that moment he asked the secretary to leave, he threw me on the bed with specific intentions. And I didn’t want to, It meant nothing to me at all. I said ‘yes’ to others, I am no longer a virgin… But this was really… I said to the secretary ‘stay there’. Claude said to him ‘ break up. Finally I got out of it, “she said.

She and the singer would have met again later when she started her career on television. “He had a lot of humor because he said to me: ‘you know finally, I was the best shot of your life, you should have accepted. You don’t know what you missed…'”, she said.