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The brazilian government of Jair Bolsonaro is preparing the program “Adopt a park” with the aim of inject private investment through the sale of spaces in the Amazon rainforest . In particular, it would be 132 areas equivalent to 15% of the ecosystem in danger of extinction.

The Environment minister, Ricardo Salles, explained that the goal is to allow the investment funds, which have criticized the deforestation of the Amazon, take concrete actions to avoid deforestation: “the response of The Government of Brazil is that we have structured instruments for you, the funds, for you to come and help us to take care of the Amazon. take part, supervisad, and we act in this together”, has indicated in a statement to ‘Financial Times’.

The program “Adopt a park” is planned for next week and p ermitirá international funds, banks and companies pay for preserving some of the 132 areas available , which is a larger than Chile. “It is a concrete action that allows you to do something concrete for the Amazon, with the help of the Government”, he noted Salles.

Recently, a total of 29 investors from nine different countries, managing different assets by about $ 3.7 trillion (3.2 trillion euros), referred to an open letter to the brazilian authorities for these review their policies on deforestation in the amazon rainforest.

In their letter, the funds have indicated that, when making investment decisions, also to assess the risk of investing in companies in a country with a political climate unstable , so that also adds a political risk that Brazil must address and work jointly with the businesses to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

alerts of deforestation in the brazilian Amazon have increased by 25% in the first half of 2020 with respect to the previous year, which was a new record in the month of June. The data of the National Institute of Space Research (Inpe) have indicated that in the first half of the year is also included levels of devastation greater than 3,000 square kilometres, and 1.034,4 square kilometers in June.

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