The trade Union of German locomotive drivers (GDL) has declared the collective bargaining talks with the Deutsche Bahn again it failed. Trade Union chief Claus Weselsky justified this on Friday in order that the railway was not ready to make a already found the conclusion to sign. “We have now therefore decided to declare the negotiations as failed. We demand that the employers now have a much improved offer,“ said Weselsky. Reason for the decision of the GDL, the train had a up to 11.00 am running the Ultimatum to elapse, the actually with the GDL already negotiated collective bargaining agreement on Friday in Eisenach.

Weselsky threatened with consequences. Although it would be that it will give to the Christmas and new year holidays and no strikes. The GDL will inform the colleagues about it, “the fact that this employer is not at all reliable”. It could be, therefore, that the gentlemen, the schöben hundreds of hours of Overtime, “to make use of their right to go in leisure time,” said Weselsky. “That could be a strike comparable, it is not our fault.”

in view of the declared failure of the GDL is not now also includes an arbitration. “We
currently open, whether the GDL is calling for the arbitration,” said Weselsky. Yet on Wednesday it had told me that the GDL will apply to the arbitration.