the revolt of The “yellow West” is in the fifth week, and has lost his innocence. As this week, a radicalized Frenchman on the Strasbourg Christmas market, with shots put the people in fear and terror, had a number of leaders in Yellow, just an idea: it must have been a diversion of the distressed President. Yellow West spokesman Maxime Nicolle questioned in a video recording even on the Terrortat. If an Islamist wool cause a bloodbath, and then he beat on the lively Champs-Elysées in Paris, not in the already evening, empty streets of Strasbourg’s Christmas market, claimed to Nicolle. So he can say, indirectly, that the assassination could have been organized in the order of the President.

Michaela Wiegel

Political correspondent, based in Paris.

F. A. Z.

revealed The tens of thousands of retrieved Video, how much of the hatred is spurred on by Emmanuel Macron of conspiracy theories that spread with lightning speed on the Internet. Even if it remains only one facet of the protest movement, not dawn, in the meantime, the most that this uprising gifts with money from the state Treasury may be terminated.

Emmanuel Macron has in good faith attempted to respond to the in France, meanwhile, a General wave of sympathy for the Suspended and loser filled. He understood that he must not hide in front of this anger. But the question is no longer whether the President understands his country, but if the Yellow jackets are to tolerate a democratically elected President. The approval rates for the protesters are still high, you want to believe the latest polls. Although six of the deaths and property damage in the billions, not to mention the damage to our image, in favour of each of the second Frenchman, the Protest continues. Unlike at the end of may 1968, as hundreds of thousands of French President de Gaulle on the streets, the supporters of Macrons invisible. The uprising revealed, the crisis of political representation undermines the very foundations of democracy.