“I still have a package for the Christ child would be here,” calls a man in a yellow Uniform in the room. In the Hand he is holding a cardboard carton, the stars are glued, cut from glittered paper. “I’m here, right?”

this is The one. The walls of the room are hung with red Velvet and letters. Everywhere fir, small and large, decorated in Gold and Red. The light strings on the trees bring the room to Sparkle. To the large tables of women, the slitting of letters with the Opener, letters to read, sit and write, letters. Some smile, some frown, others laugh out loud. Your eyes Shine, almost like the eyes of a child on Christmas eve.

a Total of 14 helpers this year in the Christian kid churches, a post office of the angels. Every year, flapping in the yellow post box with the inscription “To the Christ child” the Christmas of the children’s wishes – in the high season, around St. Nicholas day, every day, more than 10,000 letters, colorful, decorated, and from all over the world.

“dear Santa, can you please the Granny in the sky for me?”

in the middle of November the work in the post office starts churches in the industrial Museum of angels. Then thousands of letters already waiting for your answer, because Post gets over the Christ child throughout the year, Mexico, new Zealand, Taiwan, from everywhere where Christmas is celebrated. Will be answered now in ten languages, this year for the first Time in the Czech, Belarusian and Russian, as well as in Braille.

Britta Töllner works throughout the year in the press office of the Deutsche Post in Dusseldorf, from November, she organized the post office in Engelskirchen. “After the stresses of the day business time is a good grounding in angel churches every year,” she says. It was a gift, to know the wishes of the children. Children should not be unlearned in the digital age, letter-writing, and by a letter from the Christ child to be reminded how beautiful it is to even get a letter, if it is not a bill or advertising.

“dear Christ child, I wish for a brother or a sister, because I’m always alone, since last year, my cat Quinn has died.”

Since 1985, the Christ child post office from the Deutsche Post is organized. It all started with a single letter, addressed to the Christ child. Lost he was in the post office in Engelskirchen. Over the years, more and more desire of the letters reached the 20,000 inhabitants of the municipality, which owes its heavenly name may simply be a Close to the Agger river, a tributary of the victory.

The wives of postal employees got together on a Saturday afternoon in the attic of the old post office and replied to the letters. In the following years came more and more neighbours and friends, since the flood of letters was getting bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, answering the letters is a full-time job for the helpers get a small expense allowance.