(Montreal) The largest transportation and supply chain union in the country, Teamsters Canada, announced Sunday that it has reached a tentative agreement with Canadian National (CN).

The agreement between CN and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) must now be put to the vote of the approximately 6,000 locomotive engineers, conductors and yardmen employed by the company.

Teamsters Canada is the largest union in the federal private sector and represents workers at many trucking companies including CN, Canadian Pacific Railway (CN), UPS and Purolator.

CFTC President Paul Boucher reiterated the importance for members to vote. “Now that we have reached a tentative agreement, it is important that members attend their town hall meetings, learn and vote to shape the future of their working conditions,” he said in a statement.

The union has said it will not comment publicly on the details of the agreement until its members “have had an opportunity to become familiar with it.”

Electronic secret ballot voting on the deal will begin May 5 and end May 26. Members can access the agreement through their local representative.