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While the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) and the EFE Agency have reached yesterday an agreement to re-launch the Foundation for Urgent Spanish (Fundéu), and cooperate “in the defense of the best use of the language by the media in Spanish, also on Twitter dirimía a “war” spell, which had as protagonists to own RAE and the Fundéu .

And is that Twitter has consulted the same question to both institutions and the response has been different.

The question was: what Is written ‘chi’ or ‘chí’? The RAE gave a response and Fundeu gave the other. Which led, of course, a situation curious and triggered a great debate.

RAE said that, if you use this expression, “should be written without tilde because it is a word monosílaba and the monosyllables are not checked except when it comes to one of the cases of the tilde diacritic”. For its part, the Fundéu replied: “What you would write with tilde”.

The SAR continued to receive queries in this regard: “But, if I ask the piggy: “Chi you is a piggy, say chì”. The first “chi” does not tick and the second is “chì”… Yes it takes. Is it not true that “chì”?”, what the institution said: “Although the normal thing is to write it without tilde (such as “sip”), you could call itself if it is presented as part of a speech family in which we systematically change /s/ by /ch/, since in this case you would be opposed to the conjunction conditional “chi”” .

And it is in this situation of debate, various users of this social network, philologists, have also argued your position , have appeared up to the works of Galdós where I read that word appears or not according to the editorial and has tried to, in many cases, to put clarity and order in the clutter of comments and jokes: