As heavy and almost as fast, the plug-in hybrid version of the X5 is undoubtedly the Cayenne E-Hybrid’s most direct competitor. Just like the latter, the X5 is being upgraded for 2024, and the hybrid version provides better electric range. A bit quieter, the X5 does not offer as reassuring a road feel as that of the Porsche. The steering lacks feel and the mechanics do not display the same brilliance. On the other hand, the BMW has more considerate suspensions and a less measured interior volume. If the BMW’s braking compares very favorably to that of the Porsche in terms of power, it is modulated more easily.

The Range Rover Sport claims better electric range than the Cayenne, but this performance is largely attributable to the higher density of its battery. When the latter falls flat, its gasoline engine then displays more appetite than its German counterpart. Dynamically, the Range Rover Sport trails the Cayenne. This one is both lighter and more agile than its British competitor. The steering of the latter is also unnecessarily heavy. On the other hand, the interior presentation of the Range Rover Sport outclasses that of the Cayenne, but at the asking price, we expected no less.