For many French men and women, it is as much a work tool as a synonym of freedom. It must be noted, moreover, that the French men and women are particularly attached to their vehicle, as RMC – BFMTV recalled in January 2021. Our colleagues then relied on a study by Insee to find explanations for this phenomenon. The affection for his vehicle is ultimately quite simple to understand, they underlined then: a car – and the multiple journeys it allows to take – is part of the driver’s lifestyle.

That being said, this does not mean that French people are not ready to change devices… Quite the contrary! And to take advantage of the best deals, says the specialized newspaper L’Auto-Journal, it is better to proceed quickly: it is in August that we buy at the best price. Again, the explanation is easy to understand. It is simply a question of taking advantage of price reductions at certain key times of the year.

Overall, assures the specialized press title, “the best negotiations are generally carried out at the end of the month, especially during the summer”. And for good reason ! Dealerships are running out of customers, which means that it becomes possible to haggle over prices. The declines in sales observed in August then make it possible to gradually nibble prices and obtain a discount.

Once you have acquired your new vehicle, you should be vigilant about its proper use and maintenance. Make sure, to start, not to make these few errors at the time of the next cleaning…