Bundesliga – Schalke and the Royal blue crisis of four defeats in a row, 1:10 goals scored: Schalke ranks at an alarming performance to the next. What you have to accuse coach David Wagner: He makes the Club less, than it is necessary.Opinion Milan Pavlovic1 Kommentar1Schalke with coach David Wagner has so far lost all four games to the Corona break.Keystone/Bernd Thissen

“Well for Schalke 04, the already have 36 points,” said one observer after the 23. Round. The Westphalia occupied at the time in the table in sixth place, but after the 0:5 against Leipzig showed because of an injury, avalanche, the form of weaknesses, and goalkeeper antics, all in the direction of arrows down. It was the middle of February, the pandemic was seemingly still a long way off, as Schalke 04 was still close to the international business.

Meanwhile, the view goes steeply down, and to make the Constitution of the team, you have to search for appropriate words. Anemic, confused, paralyzed, catatonic. Who had thought that it could not go to the services in Dortmund (0:4) and against Augsburg (0:3) further downstream, the had to be with in the first half against Bremen faced.

What is thought-provoking, not more, if a team acts only discouraged, but the discouragement is more or less predetermined.

It may happen that a team appearance unsettled, especially after ten Games without a win. If players are not up to the Situation, nervous, likes to be shown to the whole catalogue of shortcomings, including the stupid Fouls and verdaddelte aussenrist passes as well as dribbling in awkward positions, awkward shot attempts and three-metre cross-passports that do not arrive. What is thought-provoking, not more, when a team acts just discouraged, but the discouragement is more or less predetermined.

, And you have to blame Schalke’s coach David Wagner. He has made the club in the past games smaller, than it was necessary. It was not against Liverpool or Manchester City, but against the cellar children, Augsburg, Düsseldorf and Bremen. In the first 20 minutes of Schalke against the second-last Werder had 18% possession of the ball.

Wagner’s statements, instructions, and analyses are always enigmatic, sometimes you will feel to its predecessor, Domenico Tedesco remembers the responsible after an astonishing first season (which ended with a space, 2) an increasingly horrible second season, which left him speechless, and (after a 0:7 against Manchester City) has resulted in Huub Stevens had to be taken out of the pension back to pass, the descent Ghost.

It is grotesquely out of control

Wagner has now brought the art piece ready to experience the high highs and the deepest Depths in a single season runs. Even if it is reasonable, not that he übertourt now, would you wish him a tiny bit more fire. To understand how important it is, as a coach, with Verve and Conviction to go forward, you have to watch currently the only Bruno Labbadia in Berlin – Hertha was 23. Round (where they lost, for their part, 0:5 against Cologne) 14., ten points behind Schalke. On Saturday she left the Westphalia behind.

Schalke Weston McKennie (r.) – as the Westphalia so often in the last few weeks – a step too late.Keystone/Bernd Thissen

Schalke is a Club with a high Pathos-factor and the Theatrical overlapping Conviction, the Association had to be larger than life. The provoked in neutral spectators shake of the head when the Club is in such a good mood that Fans dream left out of Europe; and malice, once it’s running poorly, as in the two previous back rounds. Because it’s not just bad; it then runs bad as in the Bible or for the carpet to come back, so grotesquely out of control as in the case of the two bumbling robbers from “Kevin – home Alone”, which only remain, therefore, on the legs, so that you can continue to be tormented.

The only Positive for Schalke 04 this weekend is, therefore, Good that the Club has already collected 37 points. It has, however, been a Bundesliga clubs which are relegated with 38 points.

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