The book “The hunger games” – Than the dictator, yet innocent was a history of the “hunger games”trilogy by Suzanne Collins is directly shot to the top of the bestseller lists. “The song of the bird and the snake” is about the difficult youth of a despot.Roswitha Budeus-Budde0 comment children, the need to fight: Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks left) and Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in the second part of the cinema version of the “Tribute”. Photo: imago/Cinema Publishers Collection

the hunger games in the last volume of the trilogy “The hunger games. Flame of wrath” for all the times ended with Happy Endings for the Survivors? Now, ten years later, a new Band under the title “The hunger games. The song of bird and snake” appeared and got right to the tops of the bestseller lists.

Suzanne Collins tells the story from the early days of Panem, 64 years before the events of the trilogy, in which the main character is Katniss Everdeen games as a tribute from district 12 to the Hunger part and rebels together those of President Coriolanus Snow defeated, and acted in the three volumes as a cruel dictator in the Background. In the Prequel, he plays the role now, as a teenager, the main: His development from an empathetic beings to the people despise, the relies on an authoritarian state, is told in a dramatic way.

In the world of the young Coriolanus Snow prevails after the victory over the rebels, the apocalyptic Horror. He is one of the last Survivors of one of the leading Clans at the Capitol, his parents are victims of the war. Not only against the Starve to death he struggles also against the fear of losing his social position. His only Chance is to study with the help of a scholarship. To get that, he needs to in the hunger games as a Mentor, a fighter, a tribute, will be allocated to winning as a Survivor and thus the winner for him.

Between poison and humanity

in Front of a dark, hard-to-tolerable setting this hunger run now games, already staged the scenes of a screenplay. As with the television camera, the reader follows the struggle for Survival, the Coriolanus, together with the girl, Lucy Gray, which was assigned to him as a tribute.

to gain As a member of a singer and showman of the family, you know the audience and fascinate with their wonderful voice. With her the author brings ambivalence and tension in the wide-scale action. Because in spite of their murderous will to Survive, you destroyed some of your opposing player with a poison that gives her Coriolanus secretly – it shows traces of humanity, even in your Affection to her Mentor.

of The later Despot is also a victim

But it is humanity possible in this corrupt, war-torn society in which everyone is fighting for Survival? This question is investigated on the example of Coriolanus’ development. And thus the author of the pure maintenance, away motives that made the hunger games trilogy so successful. The man is apparently incapable of being good, suggest the philosophical motto of Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Wordsworth, and Mary Shelley at the beginning.

Even if Coriolanus falls in love with Lucy, he has no Chance to play a hero role as Katniss Everdeen, and a fighter for justice to be, on behalf of the children and young people, who are dying to play in the Hunger.

He is the victim of social intrigue. Of his teacher, Dean, high, bottom, wishes to unsubscribe, a family feud, and of Volumnia Gaul, the top game-maker and head of the Department of experimental weapons of the Capitol, to convince him of the human cruelty: “For Gaul, he was instigated to be just another Guinea pig in their experiments.” The thing takes a traumatic course of. In the fight for his future, he learns to his own reactions to what human beings are capable of. The sadism of this woman delivered, he has no Chance, and learns in the end, as planned, his lesson, for which he is rewarded. And enables him to become the President in the hunger games trilogy.

Suzanne Collins: The hunger games. The song of bird and snake. From the English by Sylke Hachmeister and Peter Klöss. Oetinger Verlag, Hamburg 2020. 607 pages, approx. 40 Fr.

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