One sign posted at a restaurant said that the sudden closure was caused by a labor shortage.

Customers who preordered Thanksgiving dinners through Boston Market were shocked to find that the restaurant’s Rancho Cucamonga location was closed by them.

Rancho Cucamonga, located 45 miles east from Los Angeles, had a sign that stated that the sudden closure of Rancho Cucamonga was due to a labor shortage.

We are sorry, but there are no employees available today. We are sorry! According to The Orange County Register, the sign was placed on the front door.

Slaton Smith was the chief marketing officer of Boston Market Corporation and told NBC Los Angeles that he knew about the unexpected closure.

Smith stated that they are currently working to refund the Thanksgiving orders of all guests who were affected by Rancho Cucamonga. We are currently investigating the issue. We are deeply sorry to all guests who placed orders and visited the restaurant today.

According to their website, Boston Market offers a wide range prepared Thanksgiving dinner options. Customers can choose from a variety of menu options, including complete meals, catered meals, or a set menu. Orders can also be picked up and delivered directly to their homes. The popular chain was also open for Thanksgiving Day dining at some locations.

Boston Market is not the only franchise facing a tight labor market. Some McDonald’s restaurants have opened their doors to children as young at 14. Raising Cane’s fast-food chain is filling the gap by hiring corporate staff to work in their restaurants. In an effort to attract workers, other companies offer higher pay, signing bonuses, and greater benefits.

Employers are trying to hire more people than there are jobs. According to the Department of Labor , there were 10.1 million job opportunities in the summer. However, only 8.7 million people were looking for work.

Restaurants also have to deal with shortages caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Some shortages resulted in an increase in prices, or customers being unable to order their favorite dishes.