the Olympic hero is also in the world Cup-daily trust. In the season opener in Latvian Sigulda, German Bobs celebrated three victories in three races and picked up seamlessly on the triumphant winter games. Also in Pyeongchang Jamanka, and Friedrich for the three German gold had medals in the three races.

Francesco Friedrich won on Saturday and Sunday both of the two races and confirmed his exceptional position in the small sled. “We liked this track, actually, not especially, it has rumbled and Bouncing, but we have a purely gefuchst,” he said after the Ride through the difficult ice track near the capital Riga.

On Sunday had to fight the 28-Year-old, he was at the end of just six hundredths of a seconds ahead of the Latvians Oskars Kibermanis. In addition, the world Cup debutant Christoph oats continued with the third place for a real exclamation mark.

on Friday, Mariama Jamanka had obtained after the sensational triumph of Pyeongchang for the first time in the world Cup. You put up with Anschieberin Annika Drazek not only a track record in 51,28 seconds, but also the start record of 5.30 seconds repeated. “I am pleased about the start of a record, for me, this is so common,” said Jamanka. Anna Köhler made with Lisa Gericke as a third for an excellent Start of the German women in the WM-Winter.

Taubitz before Geisenberger

tobogganing in Calgary is barreled meanwhile, Julia Taubitz for the first world Cup victory of her career. The 22-Year-old sat down after three second places in a row in front of Olympic champion Natalie Berger by geisen, who had been in the previous course of the season unbeaten. “When I saw One, I screamed like a Loon,” said Taubitz, “I didn’t expect that, not even when I came to the finish.”

the performance of The German women is more in contrast to that of their male team-mates Felix Loch. The Berchtesgadener adopted by an error in the first race with 13th place early on, from the race for the victory. Thanks to a furious comeback in the second round with the best time (44,521 seconds) continued the 29-Year-old as the best German at least.

In the case of the double-seaters, the Olympic Champions Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt celebrated their first victory of the season. The Duo from Bayern won in front of the rival Toni Eggert/Sascha Benecken. “We’ve had the whole week a good feeling on the track. We were able to implement in the race. It allows you to build up,“ said Wendl.