the Supermarket chain Delhaize will fit with a advertising campaign around the biomelk, after an “unfortunate” choice of words. “It was never our intent to make farmers to schofferen,” says Delhaize’s spokesman Roel Dekelver on Saturday. In the Walloon landbouwfederatie FWA, Delhaize invited to the ad is to biomelk to withdraw it, because that would imply that some of the dairy farmers and the standards of animal welfare should not be respected.

“We regret that this biomelkcampagne some of the Belgian farmers ‘ geschoffeerd would have,” said Dekelver. “It was in the first place, it is our goal to make it to the outside world, and to show what efforts have been made to biomelk make it “better”. It certainly wasn’t our intention to make the other farmers are to blame, or to schofferen, far from it. We have a very good relationship with the farmers in time.

When it became clear that the campaign by some of the farmers are evil, blood, continued, “we’ve immediately decided to make the unfortunate choice of words to match,” said Dekelver. Delhaize will go to the farmers ‘ organisations together “to get it to fit, and the Belgian agriculture in the future is to continue to strengthen.