Bloody dispute in Kassel: police summarizes the alleged stabber


    After a life-threatening knife attack on passengers of a Kassel tram has been taken by the police to the alleged offender. The 23-year-old man had been arrested on Tuesday in casting because of an attempted Homicide, told police and the Prosecutor’s office in Kassel. The Suspect was pour Afghan and I live in the area. Against the man warrant was applied for. The alleged perpetrator is said to have injured his victim after a dispute in a tram difficult.

    The attack occurred on new year’s eve in the line 1. The later victim had approached, according to police, the man, because he had spat against the Bahntür. The Suspect is brought out a folding knife and the victim in the stomach stung. The man was rescued by emergency surgery.

    According to a mug with the photo of a surveillance camera close to 30 notes at the Kassel police were received. “Also information as to his whereabouts were,” said the spokesman. The trail led to the middle of Hesse, where the man eventually was arrested.