“I can’t breathe” – Black dies in the USA after a brutal police for several minutes, pushes a white COP of a African-Americans in Minneapolis his knee on the neck until it loses consciousness. He dies later in the hospital. The Video of the incident shocked the United States.0 comment shocking video: George Floyd will be pushed by a police officer with the knees on the ground. (25. May 2020)Keystone/Darnella FrazierDer death of a black Suspect in the Minneapolis protests. (26. May 2020)Keystone/Evan FrostDie four responsible officers have been dismissed.Keystone/Carlos Gonzalez1 / 6

Again a shocking Video from the USA: A white police officer in the city of Minneapolis pushes his knee for several minutes on the neck of a black Suspect who pleads repeatedly for help before he loses consciousness. The African American died shortly thereafter in a nearby hospital. The police in Minneapolis said the incident will now be investigated not only internally, but also by the Federal police FBI. The mayor of the city in the state of Minnesota, Jacob Frey, was appalled: “It should be in America is not a death sentence to be black.”

The four in the case involved police officers had been dismissed, said Frey on Tuesday via Twitter. The man, George Floyd, should not have been allowed to die, said Frey. With a view to the Video, he told journalists: “What we have seen, is terrible.” He added: “What is the investigation, can not change the simple truth that he should be this Morning with us.” What showed the Videos of the incident on Monday evening, was “in every way wrong”. Also in Washington, several members of Parliament and senators were horrified.

The police explained that officers had come to the place, to investigate a case of fraud. The 40-year-old Suspect had made resistance. Then it says: “The officers were able to get the Suspect in handcuffs and noticed that he seemed to need medical help.” The officials had, therefore, set up an ambulance. It remained unclear, however, whether the man would have been needed before the action of the police medical aid.

passers-by want to help

A ten minutes long Video that had been viewed on Facebook by Tuesday afternoon, about 700 000 Times, shows a white police officer kneels on the neck of the man. At the beginning of these talks, and repeatedly says: “I can’t breathe”. He calls on the officials on several occasions to let him go. He also tells them, then voluntarily get into the police car. “I can’t breathe”, he repeats. A Passer-by calls the police repeatedly to the Suspect to let go of.

The man on the ground is increasingly quiet, before he seems to lose consciousness. “Measure his pulse,” yelled a Passer-by. Paramedics load the man about eight minutes after the start of the video in an ambulance. In the Video, two police officers are to be seen; what is the role of the two dismissed officers played, remained unclear.

police violence against Black

The lawyer Benjamin Crump said on Twitter, Floyd’s family got him engaged to represent you in this case of the “improper, excessive and inhuman violence”. The police must be held accountable.

In the USA, it always comes back to sensational cases of police violence against Black people. The latest incident reminded of the Video recorded case of African-American Eric Garner. The then-43-Year-old has been thrown in 2014 by New York police officers to the ground; she pushed the air out of him, he later died in hospital. Garner’s last words – “I can’t breathe” – became a Slogan of the movement “Black Lives Matter”. This is in the USA, for equality of Black and White and against police violence.

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