On Friday night, then went still, Since Wednesday, the Parisians had been waiting to see finally what has been touted by Ruth Mackenzie, the Director of the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, as something that “will go down in the history of the city of Paris and in the art and history of cinema”. This was ahead of a big announcement, even for a project, the reputation of an unknown gigantomania: actually, Ilya Khrzhanovsky wanted to make a Film about the physicist and Nobel laureate Lev Landau (“Dau”), from 1938 to 1968 a secret umwittertes research Institute operating – but then the Team moved in, financed by the multi-millionaire Sergei Adoniev, for three years in the monumental backdrop, which turned into a commune. Khrzhanovsky was, so to speak, a Mini-Landau, ordered real artists, scientists, neo-Nazis, and prostitutes, and left his large human experiment on 700 hours of footage recording, which are now shown at the Théâtre de la Ville and the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris – in a maze, in which visitors similar to “existential experience” is to make the occupants of the DAU experiment. However, the authorities refused for safety reasons, the release , on Friday it was open, at least, the Théâtre de la Ville.

Niklas Maak

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

There it looked more like a student party in the Audimax. It vodka was sold, and the Russian national anthem played, the movie started, you see, the Institute, the men’s discuss with the cleaning lady, get drunk, abuse, passed – all in real time. It has short joy of the camera, which stays close to the people, but then it will be very, very boring. Of course you can sell the slow pace of the films as a critique of the much-quoted viewing the clip got used to the presence. You didn’t get rid of, but the impression is that the viewer should not see without effort, what has not made the film without effort.

What do you see? Landau’s “Institute”, not to Stalinism, but rather as a surreal post-modern imagination of James Stirling and Aldo Rossi. It’s obviously not so much the historical Russia, but about how closely the rejection of the Convention, which is a prerequisite for anything New, and civilization breaks are to each other, and how the person in extreme situations, claimed as a human being. Critics say, however, that the means by which Khrzhanovsky made his border situations were brutal, and violence and Manipulation embossed, on the borders of the Legal operating municipality. The Theater rooms in Paris, in which the films will be shown, are spectacular, particularly the still-locked part of the Châtelet, the Théâtre du: The DAU-participants should – if the security experts can give you the free Installation – normally not accessible to the deep passages and mazes are guided.

What is the gain of knowledge?

But what is to take place otherwise? On the walls words like “fear”, “Sex”, “Orgy”. At the entrance you phone be is mobile against a DAU Device swap, which will guide you through the maze and to make proposals, to see a movie and then in a cabin by a consultation with experts, including a shaman and a priest, that is filmed. The expert knows on the basis of the information you need to make advance online in order to get a “visitor visa” if you suffer from heartache or violence fantasies. If the visitors want to get involved to provide this information truthfully, is still the question, even if DAU promises that you can erase everything. So, what is the sense of the experiment, what is the gain of knowledge?

What extreme situations with people, showed already in 1971, the Stanford prison Experiment, the “guards”, as they believed, the cameras began to torture the “prisoners”. How to combine art and therapy, showed a lot of convincing of the “Lovepangs”Congress of the people’s stage in 2001 – where love and grief-experts led the visitors conversations. The entertainment value of even the most nonsensical efforts of TV shows like “Wetten, dass…” a lot of the audience gave, drive the people to DAU. The artist has glued three of the millions of ants to a giant coffee pot – awesome! But what is beyond the material battle, the beauty, the new knowledge, which in addition to sheer size, the Great of DAU?