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The J108 “Bodegas Benito Santos” of the fleet at the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña, with Jorge Etcheverría to the cane and armed by Miguel Fernández, is the first leader of the Sea Regatta of Maeloc Rias Altas which began in the city herculina at the edge of two of the afternoon, and in the day of Thursday, she completed the first stages with the final in Malpica of Bergantiños. For Friday’s second round of the vice-dean of the regatta cruise ship in galicia, with a path virtually in-line between the port of Malpica and Sada, of some 27 nautical miles… which will begin at twelve in the morning.

Beautiful the output from the seafront of La Coruña, opposite to the Cantons. Were the two of the afternoon when with punctuality british, the race Committee directed by the judge arosano Chuco Perez Lafuente, began the departure procedure… with west winds of ten knots, sounded five minutes after the output signal… that was in the stern caused by the necessary lifting of the multicolored spinnakers complying with the sunny morning, and clean a beautiful spectacle unusual, by its condition of being an “out urban at all rule”.

Very good the output of the Sun Fast 3600 “Lambaix” skippered by Antonio Rivers Náutico de Sada, who fought the position with the “Bosch Service Solutions” the Sea of Canido vigo with the young pattern ourensano Alejandro Perez Channel and a Chuny Bermúdez de Castro as a navigator and estretaga… more back fought to be the first “Eleko-Mambo” of vigo Carlos Sampedro who competes for the Club Marítimo de La Penela, the “Mascato” with Vilariño rod, the “Cheek” of Fran Edreira and that would be the protagonist of this first stage: the “Bodegas Benito Santos”. By the way the boat Sampedro was left behind, by having problems to lower your cps, after you turn the Dique Barrié de la Maza, the output port herculino.

To the External Port of La Coruña, the wind was holding in the west-northwest with 10 knots… causing a jolly tight… but gradually came down until you reach the three knots… this caused when the wind became to pick up (it came up to 18 knots also from the west) started in the last few miles of a new race…

In Malpica was reached in the outside area of the famous fishing port, with 17 knots, being the first to cross the finish line at the “Bodegas Benito Santos” with a time of 04.50.04, beating an average net of about 5 knots… enough to prevail in offset both in category as in the general, ahead of the winner of the 2019 “Cheek” of Fran Edreira which was very toned and vigo “Bosch Service Solutions” for many, the great favorite of this Rías Altas, boat that runs the vigo Ramón Ojea.

In the different categories boat Etcheverría is imposed on the larger length, followed by “Lambaix” that was splendid, and “Eleko-Mambo” by Carlos Sampedro. Among the long intermediate “Cheek” was the best ahead of the “Bosch” of Ojea and “Alma do Mar Nito Enriquez as a tactical and triming of bath to the large pattern oeánico Gonzalo Araújo.

Between the group 4 and brings the lower length, the best in Malpica was the “3D Printing Atlantic” skippered by Guillermo Blanco Real Club Náutico de La Coruña, which was imposed to “Mascato” Enrique Vilariño…being the third the bold design and very aesthetic “Golfiño” Jose Manuel Naya.

Great start to the Regatta Sea of Maeloc Rias Altas by one of the coasts most beautiful and challenging in the northeast of Spain: the Coast of Death… beginning at the foot of the legendary lighthouse of factory roman of the Tower of Hercules, and end in Malpica of Bergantiños… one of the fishing ports of greater prestige of the entire Spanish coast. A few fishermen as they have always welcomed with affection and anticipation to the fleet today at the beginning of the race that you want to convert it into a benchmark test for stages at the national level, and in which the two great clubs gallegos work fraternally united at the hand of Maeloc: the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña and Real Club Náutico de Vigo… this is sailing… the sport and fellowship total.

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