Jean-Marie Bigard: stroke, diabetes… Worrying news about his health


These are revelations to say the least worrying about the health of Jean-Marie Bigard. This Tuesday, August 31, Chrystel Camus, producer of the 68-year-old comedian, was the guest of Cyril Hanouna on the Touche set not at my post. While she was talking about the possible and controversial concert tour of the comic duo with Dieudonné, she made surprising revelations about the state of health of Jean-Marie Bigard. “You should know that Jean-Marie is very seriously ill, Dieudonné too and in fact they both wanted to get together because they know that this is their last show”, launched the producer to everyone’s surprise.

“He has very high diabetes, he has polyarthritis which is also very high and he has heart problems”, detailed Chrystel Camus. “Four years ago, shows were canceled because he had strokes on stage,” assured the producer of Jean-Marie Bigard.

Announced by Dieudonné on July 9, this show with Jean-Marie Bigard quickly fell through. Indeed, it was on August 9 that the latter published a final press release in which he explained to give up the new project: “I had to go on stage with him, but after reflection I decided to end the duo project. “. Presenter Cyril Hanouna asked his producer why she supported the idea of ​​these duet shows between Jean-Marie Bigard and Dieudonné.

“Jean-Marie I was not only his producer, I was also his agent. When he told me ‘I’m finished, I no longer fill the stadiums, I no longer do zeniths, I do the Point Virgule’, I told him: ‘You have nothing more to lose’. He was more able to finish his show in writing (…) and he really wanted to do it”, she explains. According to her, it was not her role to oppose it. “I am his producer, if tomorrow he wanted to do this show or another, I could not oppose it”, she justifies herself.

She will finish a few minutes later by saying that she found it “great” and that she did not judge Dieudonné, seeing “only the artist on stage”. “Jean-Marie’s audience was happy otherwise we wouldn’t have sold 45,000 tickets,” said the producer. According to Chrystel Camus, the comedian decided to give up the project to be able to participate in the program “Les Grosses Têtes”. “Jean-Marie was supposed to do this show but Laurent Ruquier offered him to come back to the Big Heads so he is very afraid that by doing this show, he can no longer have this contract with Laurent…”, she said.

For Laurent Ruquier, also guest of Cyril Hanouna on C8, Jean-Marie Bigard “was lost” and decided not to follow up on the project after “having listened to his friends and thought about it”. He himself advised Jean-Marie Bigard not to do this “bullshit.” Very annoyed by the behavior of the producer of the comedian, Laurent Ruquier even launched: “But why does he surround himself so badly”.

Chrystel Camus has clearly threatened his artist with possible legal proceedings. “I cannot defend an artist who does not assume his production contract. (…) If Jean-Marie Bigard does not do this show, I will have to apply what has to be done, that is to say a procedure”, concluded the producer. She mentioned amounts of financial compensation of up to 10 million euros, not to mention the lawsuits that Dieudonné could bring on his side to seek damages.