Actress and director Valeria Bruni Tedeschi was in a relationship with actor Louis Garrel from 2007 to 2012. The lovebirds became parents to a daughter named Oumy, adopted in March 2009 when she was only four months old. The young girl of Senegalese origin also played in 2019 in her mother’s film entitled Les Estivants.

A first experience in front of the camera which would not have convinced him as the director had declared on the set of C à vous. “She didn’t like it! She doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like herself. She doesn’t like the film, she says it’s not a film for children, she’s right”, explained Carla Bruni’s sister.

After her separation from Louis Garrel, who rebuilt her life with actress Laetitia Casta, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi remained very discreet about her romantic relationships. Younger, the daughter of Marisa Borini would have had a crush on a dancer when she was 15 years old. This was revealed by her mother in her book My dear daughters, I will tell you…, published in 2016.

“As a child, Valeria loved dancing and water skiing. She would go, even in the middle of winter, to train on Lake Viry-Châtillon, but also in the United States, in Orlando, to compete”, wrote Marisa Borini on his daughter and to add later: “Valeria had, at fifteen, a passionate love for a dancer who was forty, she followed him in all the cities where he danced, she suffered, she made him jealous scenes terrible” while Carla Bruni “liked to go clubbing, she came home at six o’clock in the morning. My mother and I stayed to wait for her on the balcony, but she always had common sense”.