in belgium, in 2018, on average, have a net financial wealth of the 89.543 of the euro. This is evidenced by the latest Global Wealth Report by insurer Allianz.

It’s going to be the total of, among other things, long-term bank deposits (savings), stocks and shares, and pension reserve assets, minus outstanding debts (such as mortgages). This is where, for the sake of clarity, does not own real estate, and other non-financial assets. France and italy, according to the report, the eighth of the world’s richest countries in the world and the fourth largest in Europe. In the United States of america, Switzerland, and Taiwan enter the list.

We have to score worse than last year, when Belgium in the fifth-place inpalmde, with an average of 93.580 of the euro. Worldwide, increased it’s net financial assets last year, down 1.9 percent, mainly due to the uncertainty in the financial markets.