with Chinese companies in all kinds of products for dirt-cheap on the web shop of Amazon, to commit fraud via the Brussels Airport. That is, it was revealed in an investigation by the public prosecutor’s office of Halle-Vilvoorde, belgium, is writing in The period of Time on Thursday.

The public prosecutor’s office examined 16 of the shipments from China to the international airport of Zaventem, the European Union, have been brought up with no vat to pay.

It turns out that the Chinese importers of fake invoices used for customs duty evasion, says parketwoordvoerster Only Vercarre. In order to also in the vat evasion have made the Chinese companies, if the containers are not intended for the market, but for a different EU country where vat would be payable. Ultimately, they paid the companies to nowhere, btw).

In this way, they can make their products cheaper to offer you. “In Belgium, the goods will be transported to the distribution centres in the EU websites, such as Amazon. And then from there you can take the goods to a consumer in Europe,” said Vercarre.

The public prosecutor’s office continued, in the case of the three Chinese companies, a German and a British company, the court of first instance of Brussels, belgium. She is being prosecuted for forgery, money-laundering and participation in a criminal organization. The thing is, on the 5th of december in respect of the criminal courts.

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