at The court in Mechelen on Thursday, a couple were found guilty of inhumane treatment of their seven-year-old (step)son. The father was also found guilty of intentional assault and battery with the same-old son and his younger sister. “An affectively neglected and malnourished child, make him dinner that he didn’t leave it there, and it is inhumane,” said the judge.

when six-year-old boy, was on the 27th of January, 2018, only to be found on the streets, in his own words, because he was at home, buitengegooid. The child was malnourished and had several bruises. The research pointed to a problematic family situation.

The newly-composed family of five children, and, especially, the situation of the D. it was a problem. The boy was taken by his mother in July of 2017, when his father dropped just a few days before that, he was not aware of the existence of the child. Soon, it became clear that the child has a heavy backpack, are carried to and, not one to be seen.

the bread

The other children in the family, said that D. is regularly beaten up as he was a stout it was, and that he must be brown bread and had to eat while the other children were allowed to choose, that he has to spend hours in the corner, was standing with his arms raised, and in fact, when a dog is handled as it was. The children have to say D. it can protect to have been taken by his father, who is very, very aggressive.

“At school, it was D. it to be a normal kid, but it was all in his brooddoos otherwise, to be filled than that of his step-brother and -sister,” said the master Smith who is in the best interests of D., and sister of J. defended. “D. it ran like a scared dog behind his father, but he was clearly afraid of them.”

“a lot of baggage,”

The parents have denied that she is the boy’s inhuman to have dealt with. “My clients have done everything in our power to get that child to catch it, but he did it with a lot of baggage in the family,” says the master, Joris Vercammen. “They should be treated as such a disregard for the individual, and it is not in the least. They have medical doctors and psychiatrists have been turned on when she saw that he needed help. The only mistake that the father made his son to save it and he should be punished for it, but on the other allegations, it is not.”

the Accompaniment

The defense asked for the acquittal of the step-mother and a very mild punishment for the father, but the court does not have to be in. “An affectively neglected and malnourished child, make him dinner that he didn’t leave it there, and it is inhumane,” said the judge.

The pair received sentences of 18 months and one year, on one or more occasions, provided that the two are in the accompaniment.

The guardian-ad-hoc, asked for a compensation of 7,500 euro for the D. 2,500 for the sister, J., the step-brother, and stiefzus, each of 750 euros will be allocated as they were at the start of the aggression, and it left a serious impression on them.