Basketball-Bundesliga – With the Chip on the wrist to the early piece of buffetdie German Basketball League has begun again: With ten Teams in a quarantine Hotel and with motion sensors. The Experiment is also followed in the United States interested.Joachim Mölter0 comment as a prelude to the season’s final sprint: The final tournament will last three weeks. The first games took place in the Audi Dome in Munich.Matthias Balk/Pool via

In Germany, from running experiments in the world is watching with great interest: How do I organize a League operating in times of a pandemic? In any case, without an audience – but otherwise?

The football League has been running for a few weeks. The Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) tried now what is New and plays since last weekend under quarantine conditions – all in one place, in a different Format. The champion is determined in a three-week tournament, like a world Cup or European championship, only without the corresponding part of multi-year lead in the preparation.

And because it is immune from experiments never before Surprises experienced by the participants in the tournament during our arrival in Munich a: Since you were asked during your stay at the Hotel, carry a Chip with him, a kind of motion detector. The greatest anticipated accident, an infection, he should help the immediate contacts of the patient to keep track of and not to isolate the people concerned, in order not to jeopardize the big picture, the entire tournament.

The Tracker records the wearer’s movements and saves, as long as he was in the distance to other carriers.Kinexio

In theory, is not an infection, although: All of the 260 people who live during the tournament, in the Hotel, have been previously twice tested negative, and since you should have no contact with the outside world, should you get anywhere more. But in practice, people at work are holding, which often leads to errors.

In the pros, the action came first, not so good, “because it was such short notice,” as Maurice Stuckey the Crailsheim Merlins says: “A little bit more forward wouldn’t have been bad.” A team didn’t want to wear the Chip, first of all, was convincing. Great resistance against the measure, it was, to all appearances.

On the previous Wednesday, there was an interview with the Munich health Department, whose representative recommended, despite all the praise for the concept of further measures, for example, with the mouth-and-stay nose guard in the Hotel at a distance. The felt accessed by all the Concerned as impractical, prefer to you to a technical resource. This is basically exactly what the Corona makes App, just not on the Smartphone, but by means of a chip that you wear on your wrist or in the Trouser pocket. Marathon runner buckles him for years at the feet to stop in Between and end times.

in Basketball, you know these Chips, the Munich-based company Kinexon has specialised in the capture of performance data: How high one jumps, how fast he runs, how quickly he gets tired? In the BBL and in the North American professional League NBA, a number of Clubs use it. In the meantime, the company has programmed the Chips for Corona applications; large companies do not use them now, in order to close in the infection of an employee the whole operation, but only its immediate surroundings need to isolate.

Just as the principle, now works for basketball players: there Would be a Four-person household, a Corona case, would send the competent health Department of the Rest of the family in quarantine, and because the Munich health Department quasi the whole Hotel as a single 260-person look at the budget, it could cripple a positive case, the tournament mode.

Who can’t comply with the minimum distance, you must wear a mask: a worker to change the advertising on the box between the two Games. Matthias Balk/Pool via Getty Ima

stresses The BBL, that the application of the Chips is voluntary, there is no GPS function for precise location, the data give only, what other Chips are such as have been long in the vicinity; in addition, they are anonymized. With regard to the protection of data, familiar to the BBL on the precautions of the manufacturer.

Florian kainz Inger knows that not everything can be optimal, what does the BBL just. Kainz Inger was already at the safety and hygiene concept of the footballers involved, and he has now co-developed the System of BBL. This is, of course, an ongoing process. Because there is this emergency situation Yes no template to which you can hold on to. So you can experiment.

“We are currently in the innovation world champion”, the kainz Inger: “The world is watching us.” In the NBA you have registered the thing with the motion detectors with it. The season will continue in July, and kainz, Inger says: “I would not be surprised if you would see elements of our concept again.”

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