If you are one of the French people who often forget or lose your credit card, this device is for you. Similarly, if you are often afraid to go out with your bank card in case malicious people want to steal it from you. Today, it is possible to leave your credit card at home. But how is it possible to pay without your card? It’s very simple, since 2021, there has been a bank chip that can replace the latter.

Directly implanted in your hand, this chip, which is the size of a grain of rice, could revolutionize your payments. Do not panic ! This device is already used by many people and it does not represent, a priori, any danger to your health. Indeed, all you have to do is put your hand near the payment terminal to make your purchases, exactly like when you pay contactless with your credit card or smartphone.

As reported by the Journal du Geek: “the implant is based on the same NFC technology as traditional bank cards that already support contactless, which makes it compatible with the majority of terminals.” However, this device does not only have advantages. Contactless payments being limited to certain amounts in France, and depending on the banks, you will not be able to buy everything you want.

Thanks to this chip system implanted in the hand, it will be impossible for you to have your money stolen. The British firm Walletmor, which is the creative brand of this chip, also tells us that your account cannot be hacked by cyber-hackers. “It is not possible to spy, track, monitor or obtain any information about the implant,” explains Walletmor. A device that is therefore very secure. However, there are also some disadvantages to consider.

Indeed, to feed your bank implant, you will necessarily have to go through an iCard account and not your current account. In addition, even if this bank chip is available for sale, you will have to convince a surgeon to implant it in your hand, and this can be a little more complicated than expected. However, given its secure and practical nature, this device could well end up replacing bank cards in the years to come.