Will inflation ever come down? Measured at 15% over one year in April by INSEE, some research companies place it at 18%. This phenomenon hurts the wallets of the French, their purchasing power is also in sharp decline.

While the prices of raw materials and energy have been falling for several months, manufacturers and representatives of large retailers finally committed themselves last week to new negotiations in order to be able to sell certain products at lower prices. This commitment follows the government’s invitation to players in this sector with the aim of relieving the food expenses of the French.

The anti-inflation quarter is extended by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy: “We are obviously going to extend for an additional quarter because the summer is difficult”, he assures. “As the prices are not going to drop immediately, the distributors must commit themselves for next summer and they have done so, so much the better”, while adding that “at the start of the school year in September October, we will have broken price spiral.

As BFMTV explains, “this basket is not intended to be exhaustive like the inflation measures of Insee and research companies such as Circana and NielsenIQ which record millions of prices each month. is a question of illustrating with concrete examples the evolution of the prices of a shopping cart which could be yours”.

“Camembert, bottle of soda, jar of spread, sandwich bread, box of eggs, bottle of sunflower oil but also a packet of diapers, bleach, toilet paper and kibble for cats”, list our colleagues. The average Frenchman’s shopping cart will be scrutinized. Readings are taken in no less than fifty drives in the outskirts or in rural areas. In order not to falsify the results, the journalists chose not to choose stores in the heart of large cities, which are generally more expensive.

Consult our slideshow to discover this ranking of regions, detailing the average price of the basket offered by BFMTV.