Delay of a plane, a train or even hospitalization, unforeseen events can unfortunately spoil the holidays of many people during this summer period. It is good to know that in some cases, your bank card can allow you to be compensated if you have used it for your reservation, without guaranteeing you a total refund.

For example, you can be covered in the event of death, disability, flight cancellation or delay, loss/theft/damage to your luggage. Insurance guarantees only work if the bank card was used to pay for the trip during which the claim or event occurred. Insurance guarantees do not only apply for a trip abroad. It is sufficient that the holder of the bank card is more than 100 kilometers from his home.

Your bank card’s assistance guarantees can also cover medical expenses, medical repatriation or even legal assistance abroad. You can have access to an advisor on the phone 24/24 and 7/7 around the world. For assistance, you do not need to have paid for your stay with your card, you just need to have it in your possession. The credit card holder is covered for a period of stay of less than 90 days. His spouse and children under 25 also benefit from this coverage.

Your bank card can therefore allow you to benefit from insurance and assistance according to the National Consumer Institute, but with different guarantees depending on the type of card (classic or higher range) and form the bank. Do not hesitate to check your contract before going on vacation.

At most banks, a classic card does not include compensation in the event of transport delay or loss of luggage, unlike a high-end card. On the other hand, it does allow you to be reimbursed for part of the costs in the event of hospitalization.

The bank card alone may therefore not be enough to fully reimburse you in the event of an unforeseen event during your vacation. Do not panic, the complementary travel insurance very often offered when buying your stay, your plane ticket or the reservation of your car, can compensate for the lack of coverage of your credit card.