Good resolutions for the new year, many believe. Some take to learn a new language or improve your existing linguistic skills.

the fact suggests at least that the language learning App “Babbel” will be downloaded in January, three Times as often as in the other eleven months of the year, as it has since 2007, existing company behind the App found.

However, many Ambitious throw the good intentions are quickly on Board, with Only about half of the learners also, in the long term to comply with, Babbel.

laziness as the biggest stumbling block

As the reason for buckling is 55 percent of users in an Online survey, a lack of time as the main problem, a good third of percent, the Motivation can quickly and 17 per cent are struggling, according to his own information with their laziness.

Once-a-year, the company asked to its users for a month, your learning and your learning success. Last November, more than 10,000 took part in this Online survey, including almost 60 percent female and 40 percent male App users.

Just under half of the respondents were in the age range of 45-64 years, about 30 percent were 65 years of age or older, the remaining 20 percent were 44 years old or younger.With 46 percent of the majority of the users interviewed was in relation to an employee, 37 percent were without a job or already in retirement, 13 working self-ständigund four percent of the surveyed users said they were still studying.

What everyone can learn from other learners

at the same time Babbel takes regularly the behaviour of its users under the magnifying glass. Here in particular, it examines how quickly users start after the registration with the Learn how long do you learn per day, or week, or when the Motivation subsides.