The Federal government has shown itself to be dismayed by two executions in Japan. “The death penalty is an inhumane and cruel form of punishment,” said the human rights officer Bärbel Kofler on Thursday in Berlin. She appealed to the Japanese government, the further execution of death sentences be suspended.

Japan has hanged again on Thursday to death two convicted murderers. The Ministry of justice announced in Tokyo after the enforcement of the judgments. Japan, the third largest Economy in the world, is one of the few industrialised countries to retain the death penalty. Most recently, the conservative government had in July, members of the apocalyptic sect Aum Shinrikyo, the strand is executed, the had killed 23 years ago with a poison gas attack in the Tokyo subway, 13 people.

The two on Thursday in Osaka executed men over the age of 60 and 67 years, were convicted of robbery and murder of two businessmen in 1988 to death. They had abducted their victims and extorted money, and then strangled. Then they poured the two of them Murdered in concrete and buried them in the mountains, it said.

the human rights activists have decried for years dealing with executions, as well as the conditions of detention in Japan. As a particularly cruel and foreign governments criticise that the candidates for death, the date of their execution is not communicated. The prisoners Condemned to death, often live for years in solitary confinement. Since taking office, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in December 2012, a total of 36 people have been executed in order in the meantime.