He had “‘t stopped talking” – Austria’s President after the Corona curfew in pickling erwischtDer error by Alexander Van der Bellen might have for the host is a sensitive buses to follow.0 comment Alexander Van der Bellen had a stimulating conversation in a Vienna Restaurant. And forget the time.Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

Austria’s Federal President, Alexander Van der Bellen and his wife, Doris Schmid, Auer have been caught after the Corona curfew in a restaurant in Vienna by the police. Van der Bellen said the “Kronen Zeitung” the incident on Sunday and apologized. He had “‘t stopped talking and, unfortunately, the time overlooked”. Also, the police confirmed that the Federal President has been encountered in the case of a control in the centre of Vienna in a garden. According to the “Kronen Zeitung” had Van der Bellen and his wife still drinks on the table, as the restaurant was controlled against 0.20 PM.

In Austria are allowed to open Restaurants, pubs and Bars due to the Corona pandemic currently only until 23 o’clock. For the host, the incident could have expensive consequences. The Covid-19-measures the law provides for the operation, after 23 o’clock penalties of up to 30’000 euros. Officially the restaurant was closed but probably already.

the Federal President of the Van, the Barking was on Sunday ruefully. “I am truly sorry. It was a mistake,” he said of the “Kronen Zeitung”. On Twitter, he wrote also: “Should accrue to the host, resulting in damage, I’ll stand up for it.”


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